Monday, June 28, 2010

Routines and a few important soccer matches (June 7-11)

Classes have become extremely routine lately. My language teacher, Simona, is amazing though and I know I will be able to learn quite a bit from her. I wish there was a little but more excitement to my daily routine, but there really isn't. Luckily the World Cup has started up so we have something to go do right after school and it's been a blast so far. My next post should actually have a little bit more interesting things to it since we are going on a visit to a volunteer in the field so we're finally leaving the training site and seeing the country. I cannot wait.

Simona, figuratively directing us bunch of American clowns to speak Romanian

"There's something great about soccer. You can throw a ball into a crowd of kids anywhere in the world and you can start up a game, regardless of what you speak" -Scott Redpath (fellow volunteer)

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