Thursday, March 10, 2011

Getting back to normal.

So winter was surprisingly difficult. Sure its still winter somewhat, but I still think I've at least made it past what is a FagaraČ™ winter. So what do I mean by things being difficult? I've had my fair share cold winters so that really isn't the reasoning behind this post.

One thing which always kept me on the sane side of things regardless of where I was, when it was, etc was me having a normal schedule. That was somewhat difficult during winter since the
weather has a tendency for making you want to stay inside and avoid the cold. This also
meant I would sometimes rather be lazy even inside my apartment, taking my time when it came to laundry, dishes, or just keeping the place generally clean. This is just like college when I was in my apartment for the first time. Winter came along and I could have cared less about anything else.

BUT, like in college, there comes a point where I finally just get things back in order. Luckily that happened last weekend. I finally got around to hanging things on my walls I've had lying around
for a while, I cleaned nearly every bit of cloth (clothes, bed linens, towels) I have, cleaned almost every square meter of my apartment, and even had time to actually sit back and make a well balanced meal for the first time in a while. Its surprising to see how much those things can affect your mood.

Needless to say, my apartment is starting to look more and more a home to me. Its definitely become my place now.


  1. yay for spring cleaning! I'm doing it today.

  2. Thanks for the pictures :) It looks like a nice place!

  3. Nice to hear you've settled down and got used to what is meant to be your home. Take care of you! X