Tuesday, May 18, 2010

As I Get Ready to Depart... (an open letter to a friend)

I have just finished packing up everything before I leave for the Peace Corps to serve in Romania and throughout that time I have been reflecting on years past and the people who have really made a difference in my life. Some of you are close friends, friends where we have separated as time has gone on, family, mentors, or teachers, but you have all be influential in making me who I am today.

I cannot relay the amount of gratitude which I hope to convey. While I may be leaving to the other side of the world tomorrow, each one of you will be with me in your own way. Whether you have laughed with me and shown me how to enjoy life to its fullest, or gone into deep discussion together where I learned more about myself through those talks. Or perhaps you opened my mind to the rest of the world in a class in high school, or helped focus that same mind to more specifics in a college classroom discussion, I cannot thank you enough.

When I decided I wanted to be a teacher I never thought it could have taken me many miles away to a place I know nothing about. But I know that I will be able to handle pretty much anything that gets thrown my way thanks to some part you have played in my life. Some of you have helped me realize my potential to help others through trips to New Orleans, Philadelphia, Peru, and the Gulf Coast. It was not only the service itself but the people I was working with who helped my find my altruistic self.

I will never forget things which I have learned from each and everyone of you about what it mens to be a human being on this planet. I know and hope we will keep in touch while I am away but more importantly when I return. I knew this would be a giant leap in my life, but I did not realize how big it would be until I was finishing packing today. While things may seem tough for me while I am gone, I know I can handle it all thanks to you in your own separate way.

Mulţumesc mult (Thank you very much)


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