Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Home Away From Home (May 22)

Today was a day which I was extremely excited for, but also very nervous at the same time. This day is the day I would be meeting my gazda, or host family. We awoke and had breakfast followed by our first language lesson. This was mostly the basics which I had already learned though there were some new phrases as well as polishing my pronunciation of the language. I feel as long as I keep working at it, I should do well during these next 11 weeks of training.

We had lunch, and then went to a local flower shop to buy flowers for my host mother. We came back, finished packing up a few last minute things and went back downstairs to our meeting area where we would be meeting our families in only a few minutes. We all sat down right where our names were, with our families' names on the opposite sides. I was slightly less nervous since Denisa, my host family's daughter, had found me on Facebook and sent me a message earlier so I slightly knew what to expect. Then came the rush of families, entering to find there volunteer who would be living with them for 11 weeks. I recognized Denisa as she came with her brother Julian and mother Ofelia. We had a quick talk getting to know each other, and then the Peace Corps staff said a few words before dismissing us to get our things and check out of the hotel.

I met my host family back downstairs in the lobby where we loaded my things into the back of their car and we headed out to their home. On the way, we stopped for a brief while as my host mother went into a store and picked up some special foods as what I could understand it was a religious day to pay respects for those in families which had died. While she was inside, I had a chance to talk with Julian and Denisa and find out more about them. we had a good talk as they found out more about me and I them.

When we eventually arrived home I was greeted by Iulian Sr. I then took my things up stairs and unpacked my bags for the first time since packing them nearly a week ago. I got settled and went downstairs for dinner. We decided to eat out on the back porch since it was nice at the time. Sure enough, in only about 5 minutes it began to pour and eventually hail. Needless to say we went back inside for dinner. After dinner I came back upstairs and wrote for my blog and then felt extremely exhausted so I took a short nap to regain some energy.

About 8pm Denisa, Julian, and I went back into the city where we would be meeting up with some of their friends. We hung out in a really nice place full of character. There was a downstairs cellar area of the pub which is where we were. It was all dark brick with dark wooden tables and chairs. We hung out there for a short while before going to one of their friend's apartments to watch the Champions Cup Championship match. We had to leave as Denisa is taking private classes to help with her final exams in the morning but it was fun to get out and enjoy some laughs and football with people I will be getting to know quite well as time goes on.

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